If you use our site to find yourself a bad credit mobile contract, you will come across different contract types. One of these types is a Sim Only Contract. These contracts are not like standard mobile phone contracts, and so we thought we should give you a little clarification as to what they are.

Here's how most mobile phone contracts work. You pick a device that you like, then you sign up for a plan that gives you access to the mobile carrier's network. With your new device you can then call people, send text messages, or use the internet. With this type of plan you are paying for both the mobile network plan, along with the mobile device. However, getting both of these things will make the contract more expensive. As someone with bad credit, you are looking for ways to make your mobile phone contract as cheap as you can. A Sim Only contract is a way to do that.

When you get a Sim Only contract, you are not getting a mobile device as a part of the plan. Instead, you only pay for access to the mobile network, and you provide the mobile device yourself. Since the mobile device is separate from the contract, it is much cheaper, and therefore less of a risk for the mobile company. This makes it more likely that they will give it to someone with a bad credit rating. So where does the phone come from then? You supply it yourself. You can either use a phone that you already own maybe the phone you used with your last mobile contract or you can purchase one from a third party. There are many websites and stores that will sell mobile phones, that are either used or refurbished, at a fraction of the cost. All you need to do then is activate your new phone with your new mobile plan.

Sim Only contracts can be great for people with low credit scores, but you need to know what you are getting. You don't want to sign up for a Sim Only contract if you have no way of getting a mobile device. Plan it out ahead of time before deciding whether or not a Sim Only plan is the right choice for you.